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Become a part of our engineering team at Johnson Controls — where innovative products are at our core. Whether you specialize in mechanical, electrical, systems, mechatronics, electronics or chemical engineering, we have opportunities for you to be a part of engineering excellence. We offer:

  • Internships and full-time early career programs. From sales to operations to product development, teamwork within and across functions is important to us.
  • Market-oriented product design and innovation led by great people. From high-performance vehicle batteries to building efficiency solutions, our people engineer products that impact lives all over the world. 
  • Focus on quality, cost and delivery — creating product development excellence across the organization. Our cross-disciplinary teams use efficient processes and innovative technology to ensure consistent high quality.

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Finance & Accounting

A career in finance and accounting at Johnson Controls means much more than preparing financial reports. You’ll be a crucial business partner who makes key decisions that impact the way our company runs. In addition, you’ll gain:

  • A variety of experience, including potential opportunities in the areas of taxes, audit and compliance, strategic pricing and more.
  •  Opportunities to move up, with finance and accounting positions available both at the corporate level and within our different business units.
  • The chance to work with employees throughout the company so you can develop a holistic view of our business and how it operates.

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Johnson Controls manufactures products that help the world run smoothly, simply, smartly and safely. If you enter into a manufacturing career at Johnson Controls, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Formal training and certification, including coveted Green Belt Lean and Black Belt Quality certifications.
  • Abundant opportunities for career growth across our business units.
  • The chance to work across disciplines, helping you gain exposure to new ideas and become a more well-rounded professional.
  • An innovative environment. We’re always striving to create groundbreaking products and technologies, and we encourage all employees to share new ideas.
  • A commitment to high environmental standards. Every company says it’s eco-friendly. At Johnson Controls, you can take pride in manufacturing products that deliver on our promise to protect the environment.

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Named one of the Top 50 Best Companies to Sell For by Selling Power Magazine, Johnson Controls focuses on a robust customer experience that requires strong sales professionals.  Join our group of sales engineers, account executives, large account directors and sales leaders. Be a part of a team where:

  • Customer experience is at the center of everything we do. Through standardization, robust programs, feedback capabilities and tools, we are able to align our sales organization to provide a trusted experience.
  • Leading market share, high-quality products and being operationally capable are what our reputation stands on.
  • As an early career or experienced professional, you are able to grow your career.

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Supply Chain & Procurement

Employees in the field of supply chain and procurement have the ability to significantly affect our business on a daily basis, with:

  • A major influence on product costs, as well as input on how we acquire and transport materials and finish our products globally.
  • A direct impact on product development and manufacturing.
  •  Growth opportunities in careers throughout our different business units.

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