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Engaging Employees


Despite a year of dramatic change at Johnson Controls, a McKinsey survey of a random sample of nearly 7,000 employees found engagement remains high. We believe this is the direct result of promoting a performance culture...training and measuring leaders in effective employee engagement. Offering all employees the opportunity to develop their abilities and chart unique career paths. And empowering individuals and teams to make a difference in creating value for our customers and our business.


Employees rise to the challenge

Every day, Johnson Controls employees find new ways to tackle complex challenges and help our customers succeed. Here’s a look at how Kirk, director of energy and sustainability technology, works with his colleagues to apply model predictive control for an innovative solution that saves the client nearly $1 million a year.

Jump in pulse surveys signals action

This year saw a 50 percent increase in the number of pulse surveys across Johnson Controls, reaching more than 23,000 employees. These optional tools give local leaders a snapshot of employee views on engagement and related action plans. Leaders use the insights from pulse surveys to spot trends, assess plan effectiveness and act immediately to adjust course as necessary.   

pulse survey
Award recognizes outstanding efforts

The Chairman’s Award is our highest employee honor, awarded annually to teams and individuals who go above and beyond to help Johnson Controls better serve our customers, communities and colleagues. Winners receive $10,000 to donate to a charity of their choice. In 2016, the program’s 31st year, we received 1,520 nominations from locations around the globe.

This year’s winners helped achieve objectives such as promoting employee safety and well-being; growing revenue through a customer-centric, connected enterprise; enabling merger and joint venture activities; growing market share through product and service innovation; and leading with integrity. All these activities help create solutions that propel the world forward and reflect our company values.