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Global Presence

Global Presence

Wherever they live, work or travel, people all over the world are touched by Johnson Controls products and services every day.

Building Efficiency

creates safe, comfortable, sustainable environments with industry-leading HVAC equipment and controls solutions.

An innovative heat recovery system that harnesses waste heat helped the Northstar Delta Office Tower in Changsha City, China reduce energy use 28 percent. 
  • First in region to earn LEED certification and the Chinese government’s Green Building Evaluation Label
  • Solution includes Metasys® building management system and a variable air volume (VAV) system

The design for the world’s most energy-efficient campus includes 36 YORK® centrifugal chillers to cool the 6-million-square-meter Shadadiyah Campus of Kuwait University.
  • Reduces energy and operational costs in extreme weather conditions
  • First-ever district cooling project in Kuwait
  • Environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant
Quantech Chillers
Fast, effective, dependable Quantech™ chillers, a new brand launched only to independent dealers, can be delivered to United States customers in just three to five days. 
  • Small-tonnage air-cooled chillers ready for rapid deployment—a quantum leap in the industry
  • Based on our efforts to launch products into new channels
  • Blends features across multiple Johnson Controls products 

Power Solutions

is the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive batteries, powering nearly every type of vehicle—including conventional, Start-Stop, Advanced Start-Stop, Micro Hybrid, hybrid and electric. We sell batteries around the world under private labels as well as our own brands – VARTA®, Heliar®, LTH®, MAC®, Delkor® and OPTIMA®.

battery spectrum graphic

Powering a full spectrum of vehicle types
, Johnson Controls helps customers around the world meet growing environmental regulations and consumer expectations. This chart shows approximate fuel savings across vehicle powertrains.
Start-Stop Battery
Global production of Start-Stop batteries is expanding to meet rising automaker demand. With $555 million in investments between 2011 and 2020, we are implementing plans to expand Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery capacity in Germany, the United States and China. Start-Stop vehicles can save drivers 5 percent in fuel every time they fill up their tank and also reduce CO2 emissions.
The new 12-volt Lithium-ion battery, developed in collaboration with automakers, was introduced at major international auto shows in 2015. 
2015 Auto Show

Automotive Experience

provides world-class seat systems and components that offer safety, functionality and comfort with proven quality and on-time delivery.

2015 Auto Show
Innovations in seating and batteries marked Johnson Controls appearances at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan; Auto Shanghai, in China; and the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany. 

The SD15 seating demonstrator addresses global industry trends of urban mobility, comfort and autonomous driving. 
  • Power driver seat on curved track eliminates complex mechanisms
  • Console mounted to seat structure moves with the occupant
  • Inkjet printing technology enables highly individualized seat covers
  • Gemini track simplifies seat movement and maximizes cargo capacity

The SD15 seating demonstrator