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Goals and Scorecard

Goals and Scorecard

Johnson Controls has reported sustainability data since 2002 and follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines. Additional reporting includes the United Nations Global Compact Communication of Progress (COP) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).  This year we recommended that more than 200 of our major suppliers set sustainability goals, make improvements and report to the CDP supply chain program. Bureau Veritas certifies our energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste data.

Estimates are based on the best available data at publication and may change over time. Energy, Emissions and Water all slightly decreased on an absolute basis in FY15. When the effect of foreign exchange is removed, Energy Intensity decreased by 4.7%, Emissions Intensity decreased by 6.6% and Water Intensity decreased by 6.4%. Waste Diversion represents our efforts to reduce non-hazardous waste to create environmental benefits.  At the same time, our efforts to reduce hazardous waste, combined with new data, resulted in a restatement of our 2014 non-hazardous waste diversion baseline and an update to our overall performance. 
As part of our commitment to meeting these goals, Johnson Controls has integrated Energy Hunt, the search for low-cost and no-cost energy savings, into the Johnson Controls Manufacturing System, delivering bottom-line savings.