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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions

While improving our own environmental footprint is essential, Johnson Controls can make an even greater global impact through products and services that help customers and consumers improve energy, water and resource efficiency. Here are just a few additional ways we promote sustainability.

Every hour 8,000 batteries are recycled through the Johnson Controls system. Our own batteries are manufactured with more than 80 percent recycled content – among the highest levels for any product in the world.

Turning wasted heat into clean fuel for homes and businesses in China, new Johnson Controls technology meets the growing demand for central heating that does not emit harmful pollutants. The York Dual Steam Turbine heat pump recycles surplus heat from industrial or power plants into higher-temperature hot water that can be used to operate large central heating plants—with the potential to reduce coal consumption up to 30 percent. 

System Diagram
Zhejiang Jianke signing the agreement

In a strategic alliance with China’s Zhejiang Jianke Building Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd., Johnson Controls is helping the province of Zhejiang align with the country’s five-year energy plan. We’re leveraging a wide range of products, technology and project management experience to join Zhejiang Jianke in helping customers achieve LEED and other green building certifications. 

Stanford University cut its water use by 15 percent and is projected to save $420 million in operational costs thanks to a new central energy facility developed with help from Johnson Controls.


Seat structures more than 40 percent lighter than conventional seating were in the spotlight at the Johnson Controls 2015 North American International Auto Show exhibit. The CAMISMA (carbon-amide-metal-based interior structure using a multi-material system approach) replaces heavier materials without compromising safety.