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About Us
Johnson Controls delivers products, services and solutions that increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs in buildings for more than one million customers.

Operating from 500 branch offices in more than 150 countries, we are a leading provider of equipment, controls and services for heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, refrigeration and security systems. We have been involved in more than 500 renewable energy projects including solar, wind and geothermal technologies. Our solutions have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 16 million metric tons and generated savings of $7.5 billion since 2000. Many of the world’s largest companies rely on us to manage 1.5 billion square feet of their commercial real estate.

Building Management Systems

Where data becomes intelligence

Our technologies allow you to create building management systems as simple or sophisticated as you need them to be. With 120 years in both the building automation and information technology industries, we can ensure increased control and visibility without compromising ease of use or affordability. Our Metasys® systems adopt an open approach to communication, and with enhanced BACnet system interoperability can support more kinds of applications and equipment than any other building management system.  We get things talking to each other in a common language, on a single platform, to give you information you need to make better decisions, save money and improve the way your building functions.

Real-time Security Management

Integrated security to protect your people and assets

We recognize that simply having security devices installed doesn’t necessarily make your facility more secure. Intrusion detection; video surveillance; enterprise IT; access control; fire control; elevators; building management - regardless of the market you're in or the buildings you're responsible for, you need all this technology, and more.  From initial risk assessments to fully engineered and implemented security systems, our solutions have secured over 50,000 companies worldwide in a variety of markets including airports , hospitals, Government and financial institutions, schools and universities, mines, military bases and more.

HVAC Systems and Solutions

Install confidence

We truly understand HVAC systems. In fact, we produce some of the most robust HVAC equipment on the market today, covering a complete range from residential and light commercial units to high-tonnage water or air-cooled chillers for industrial and commercial applications. With YORK® HVAC products, you can be confident that you are selecting high quality, energy efficient equipment, and expertise with strategic insight to make these products optimize your building’s performance and lower your overall costs.

Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Rugged and dependable designs and equipment

Whatever your business, when your reputation is on the line you can count on the quality and performance of our refrigeration products and solutions. Our reciprocating and screw compressors, our unique chillers, and our industry-proven control systems with seamless integration, all improve the energy efficiency, reliability and safety of your operations. Our refrigeration control products perform under a variety of environmental conditions and work with corrosive and non-corrosive refrigerants. Plus, we back you with excellent warranties and a wide-ranging aftermarket distribution network, offering replacement parts and expert training in refrigeration applications.
Service and Maintenance

The maintenance and repair you need, wherever you need it

We understand what it means to respect your facility and follow your processes, with safety always a top priority. We don’t just deliver a temporary solution for your service needs, but offer long-term solutions with your entire building in mind. Our factory-trained technicians average 10 or more years of experience and continuously improve their skills through ongoing training, giving you the assurance that the work will be done right the first time round.

Product Catalogues

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YORK® Residential & Light Commercial HVAC Catalogue 2016
South Africa Product Line Card
A complete product range to cover solution needs for your facilities: Building Management Systems, HVAC/R Controls Products, Security Products, YORK® Large Split Systems, YORK® Packaged Systems, YORK® Close Control Units, YORK® Fan Coil Units, YORK® Air-Handling Units, YORK® Chillers, Central Plant Optimization™, YORK® Heat Pumps, YORK® Absorption Chillers, Sabroe® Heat Pumps, Sabroe® Industrial Refrigeration Product
South Africa Product Line Card 2016