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Insights and Advice From Industry Experts

Upcoming and Recorded Webinars

We host a variety of webinars across various industries that offer industry best practices, new products and technologies and live Q&A with industry experts. See below to view our list of upcoming and recorded webinars.  
Managing Insider Threats: From powerful prevention to integrated protection
Now is the time to be proactive and prevent insider threats in your data centers. Our new products offer both prevention and protection using hardware and software.

Join us for a one-hour webinar to uncover hidden risks. Utilizing integrated building technologies and solutions that are designed specifically for data centers. Keep your most highly regarded assets comfortable safe and secure.

Recorded Webinars

Introducing Metasys® Release 10.0

The latest Metasys® release brings with it a number of exciting and powerful features and enhancements designed to deliver better space utilization and planning, maximize operator efficiency and enhance overall system performance and reliability. Watch Metasys experts Chris Lane and Chip Dudley talk through and demo these new features.

Free Cooling for Data Centers - Some things in life are free

Energy for cooling is one of the highest operational costs you have for your data center. Fortunately, now you have more options to help manage that cost. Join our 45-minute webinar to explore free-cooling technologies which include: Direct Evaporative Cooling, Liquid Cooling and Free-cooling in chillers and air handlers.

6-Way Valves, Actuators & Terminal Units -- The Efficient HVAC System Choice for Your Building
In this webinar, our product experts explain why terminal units systems with the 6-way, 270 degrees control valves and actuators is the right choice for an energy efficient building.
Realizing the Value of Integrating Building Systems with Metasys® BAS
The ability to integrate multiple building systems is a foundational capability expected of any building automation system. But what does that really mean? And what kind of integrations capabilities should you expect from today’s BAS? This webinar discusses the powerful new integration capabilities coming with the next major Metasys® release.
Practical Benefits of Smart Connected Equipment
Smart Connected Equipment gathers data from your equipment, analyzes it and then informs you of the best time to make upgrades or perform maintenance, validate the performance results you expected from operating the equipment, and minimize your costs. Register to watch our webinar to learn more.
The Value of Keeping Your Metasys® System Current
Is your Metasys® building automation system at the latest version? If not, you may be missing out on significant opportunities to save energy, extend equipment life and improve occupant comfort. View our webinar to learn more.
Your first-hand look at Metasys® Release 9.0

Watch our webinar to learn about the latest Metasys® release. It features new IP field equipment controllers to improve network speed and performance. Also, enhancements to the industry-leading Metasys® interface make identifying and resolving issues faster than ever.

Chiller Operating Map
What is an operating envelope? What are the benefits? Learn about the YORK YZ operating map and the technology that allows it to be possible.
World’s First UL-Verified Acoustic Nozzle for Fire Protection

You may have a hidden data center risk. Watch our 45-minute webinar and learn about the Acoustic Nozzle for fire suppression from Johnson Controls. With the first UL-Verified Acoustic Nozzle in the world, your data center won’t be compromised by sound.

Chiller Driveline with a focus on magnetic bearings
Why select magnetic bearings? What are the bearing technology options? What benefits do magnetic bearings offer?
Refrigerant Choice and Efficiency Benefit
Why was R-1233zd selected for the next generation YORK magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller? What efficiency benefits does the YORK YZ offer? Johnson Controls experts answer these questions and more in this webinar.
Acoustic Design for Air Handling Systems
On average, humans spend more than 80% of their lives indoors. Four factors affect human comfort and performance in the built environment – Lighting, Thermal Comfort, Acoustics & IAQ. This webinar is about the design of Air Handling Systems to help achieve a quality acoustical environment.
Taking pneumatics from stone-age to space-age

In this one-hour webcast, experts from Johnson Controls share how direct digital control (DDC) is creating an accessible solution to pneumatic system woes, without the complication and expense of a full retrofit.

Sound Power, Sound Pressure and Barriers for Air-Cooled Chillers

Join experts from Johnson Controls as we present the fundamentals on air-cooled chiller sound.

Equipment Noise: Acoustics 101

Learn the basics of HVAC sound, how it travels through air and structures, its impact on occupants, and guidelines for controlling noise and vibrations.

Building Automation Support Services

During this webinar, Johnson Controls subject matter experts will discuss the benefits of a systematic approach to maintaining building controls systems.

Optimizing Energy Use with VSD Chillers

Learn more about how VSDs can optimize energy use at full and part load, as well as under off-design conditions in this one-hour free webcast.

Busting Chiller Refrigerant Myths

Hear experts from Johnson Controls expose some of the most common misconceptions and lay out the facts when it comes to the changing world of refrigerants in HVAC equipment.

Applying ECM Fan Technology in Air Handling Units

This webinar will explain the technology, identify the advantages, and describe their application in air handling systems. Customer benefits will be highlighted as we compare ECM fans to alternative fan types.

Acoustics: Reducing Sound Levels in Commercial Packaged DX HVAC Systems

Watch experts from Johnson Controls as they discuss overcoming the challenges of minimizing unwanted sound while keeping occupants comfortable with Packaged DX products.

Cybersmart Buildings

Experts from Booz Allen Hamilton and Johnson Controls discuss cyber risk and what smart building stakeholders can do to support cyber security in this one-hour recorded webinar.

Fan Array Vibration Isolation in Air Handling Units

The rules have changed for vibration isolation of modern air-handlers with fan arrays. Current ASHRAE design guidelines for fan vibration isolation in air handling systems are based on applications using single belt-driven fans.

Time to Chill Out! Using Smart Technologies to Avoid Summer Chiller Problems

Watch our webinar to hear how you can boost productivity, illuminate critical insights, and solve summer chiller problems faster with smart technologies.