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NexusPremier Packaged RTU

NexusPremier Rooftop Unit

Capacity: 25-50 Tons
Efficiency: 10.3-11.4 EER / 14.2-16.7 IEER
Johnson Controls NexusPremier™ 25-50 ton rooftop units (RTU) deliver enhanced performance and efficiency with greater flexibility and ease of installation and service to reduce operational and maintenance costs. We have reimagined the design features of an applied HVAC system into the value and simplicity of a packaged rooftop unit. For each available tonnage, the platform can meet both stringent Department of Energy (DOE) 2023 energy efficiency standards and the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) highest tier ratings, which translate into significant cost-savings over the life of the RTU. This platform offers economic base models with the most complete range of product and control options, for refined comfort and performance.
Features and Benefits
  • Highlights:

    • 2 tiers of capacity and efficiency per tonnage enabling greater application flexibility to meet specific needs
    • Efficiency, Flexibility, and Indoor Environmental Quality
      • Highest standard efficiency offering in its class
      • Standard double-wall foam panels for improved thermal efficiency
      • Variable speed compressor and VSD fan options with the most advanced, refrigeration, air flow, and heat-transfer technologies in a highly optimized system.
      • Other modulating features for refined comfort including energy recovery wheel, hot gas reheat, electric and gas heat.
      • Standard direct drive plenum supply fans.
      • The broadest array of airflow features including various airflow paths and duct configuration capability, and optional indoor air quality (IAQ) features, including ultraviolet (UV) lights, humidifiers, sound attenuator and final filters
      • Optional blank sections for placement of additional accessories without having to find space in the duct.
    • Controls
      • Smart Equipment enabled to maximize control for greater efficiency, extended equipment life and reduced operating costs.
      • Best-in-class user interface, adjustable height display, start-up wizard and an array of user-adaptable parameters to help expedite commissioning.
      • Optional Mobile Access Portal (MAP), which provides remote monitoring capability for fewer trips to the job site or rooftop to diagnose issues.
      • Complete control across all available RTUs and integrates with other control systems and interfaces, including zone controllers and other building management systems.
    • Service Options to minimize rooftime and simplify maintenance such as:
      • Airfow measurement stations
      • Doors with viewports and single point latches
      • Dirty filter gauges and filter pressure transducers
      • Replaceable core filter driers and suction, liquid, and discharge shutoff valves
    • Peace of Mind
      • Redundancy of refrigeration circuits, VFDs, gas heat modules, and twinning algorithims enables one system to continue operating if the other fails.
      • 1-year parts warranty and standard 6-month or 1-year labor warranty for certified contractors eclipses the industry 30-day standard.
      • Extensive development testing and factory end-of-line testing help ensure unit quality, performance, and adherence to all industry-specific safety and quality processes, including ASHRAE 90.1-2016 and ASHRAE 189.1-2014 (EER/IEER) 2023 Department of Energy Efficiency Code (efficiency), AHRI 340/360 (performance), ANSI/AHRI 370-2015 (outdoor sound), ANSI/AHRI 260-2017 (indoor sound), ANSI Z83.8-2016/CSA 2.6-2016, ASHRAE 62 (ventilation and IAQ) and UL 60335-2-40 (safety).

    For a complete list of all features and options refer to the Tech Guide on the Resources tab

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