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FACS Adiabatic Condenser

FACS Adiabatic Condenser

Up to 90% water savings possible by using water only as needed – based on ambient temperatures and system demand.
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The FACS Adiabatic Condenser from Frick® Industrial Refrigeration dynamically adjusts water flow rate to maximize the water and energy savings according to the ambient and operating conditions. It is the only adiabatic condenser on the market with stepless/continuous adjustment.

Water consumption is an ever increasing important criterion for choosing equipment. The growing scarcity of water and rising costs of water inspire us to offer eco-friendly products to help minimize natural resource consumption.

The Frick FACS adiabatic condenser uses the latest in heat transfer and controls technology. The delivery system utilizes water management and cooling pads to maximize adiabatic efficiency, minimize water consumption and safely manage water usage. Water consumption can be reduced 60% to 90% versus a conventional water cooled system and reduces peak energy demand versus an air cooled system.

Features and Benefits
  • Stainless Steel Tubes/Aluminum Fins Standard
  • Optional Epoxy-coated Fins
  • EC Motors/Fans Provide Very Low Energy Consumption
  • “Maintenance-free” EC Motors
  • Intelligent Control of Fan Speed & Water Flow Rate
  • Easy and Quick Switch Between Wet and Dry Operation
  • Plume-free
  • No Water Circulation
  • Easily Removable Pads, and Easy Cleaning Access
  • Quick and Easy Installation with Easily Accessible Lifting Lugs
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