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Helping Schools Provide More Successful Learning Environments
Leaders share the keys to academic success at NSBA 2017 in Denver
Creating positive outcomes for student achievement
The question: How does your school environment affect student achievement?

The 77th Annual Conference and Exposition of the NSBA brought together more than 7,000 academic leaders from across the country, including school board members, school administrators and superintendents. This year’s gathering provided members with education-specific updates on legal and legislative issues, policy, governance, finance and technology.

A key focus of the conference was the impact of school environments on student achievement. Investments in comfort, security and efficiency were shown to directly affect how well students perform day-to-day. In fact, studies revealed students in well-maintained schools scored up to 10 percent higher on standardized tests. At Johnson Controls, we help create these superior learning environments by partnering with school districts to improve efficiency and sustainability.

Considerations: The schools are different, but the mission is the same

With 7,000 academic leaders in attendance, gathering the most critical information from the NSBA conference is a challenge. But here are a few of the most insightful comments we heard:

  • The new White House administration’s reduced budget for the Department of Education combined with their new emphasis on charter schools will place a focus on the ever-increasing need to update technology and security while placing additional challenges on public school resource allocation.
  • There is a growing interest in programs focused on STEAM to help supplement current curriculums while supporting college and career readiness. To that end, mentoring and project-based learning is on the rise.
  • Ultimately, the work of every school’s mission is to serve the needs of young people. To help students be successful, leaders must ask how to better engage the community, communicate effectively and explain what school districts are doing – and why.
Oxford High School
The solution: Johnson Controls helps solve the problem of budget and technology needs

At Johnson Controls, we’re familiar with the challenges heard at the NSBA conference. In fact, we have a history of helping schools overcome many of these challenges to achieve outstanding results.

When Oxford High School wanted to be the first to deliver a one-to-one digital learning environment, it found itself low on investment. By working with Johnson Controls as the single source technology contractor, Oxford didn’t compromise on its wish list. We helped them achieve LEED® Silver certification, allowing them to become the first LEED-certified high school in Mississippi.

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