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Create Better Business Outcomes with an Open BAS
Minimize risk and maximize ROI with an open BAS architecture

Building owners and facility managers are constantly looking for ways to obtain greater control and create greater efficiency in their buildings. An open BAS is one way to achieve those goals. 

Tapping into the power of openness—through standard and open protocols, procurement, APIs and software tools—makes it easier to ensure compatibility across different systems and networks, maintain systems efficiently, and expand capabilities as technologies evolve.

By its very nature, however, an open architecture presents a number of challenges. It can be difficult to maintain consistency, eliminate version complexities and ensure system security within an open system. The key to minimizing these risks is to know your BAS goals, and to clearly document roles, responsibilities and processes across vendors, systems and users.

A new whitepaper from Johnson Controls outlines four aspects of open BAS architecture, and the risks and rewards. By taking steps to minimize risk, you can use open BAS to create better business outcomes such as reduced energy spend or consumption; increased operational efficiencies; reduced IT security risk; and the
ability to better maintain safe, comfortable and productive environments.

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What Does an Open BAS Really Look Like?
Recorded Webinar
There’s a lot of talk in the industry these days about the concept of openness and how organizations and their facilities teams can benefit from having an open building automation system. But what exactly does that mean and how can openness add value? Watch the one-hour webinar to explore what an open BAS really means and discuss how to minimize risk and maximize ROI with an open BAS architecture.

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