With a smart arena, it’s game on

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Johnson Controls is proud to be the Official “Smart Building” Partner of Fiserv Forum

The bar has been set very high. Fans no longer need to leave the house to become fully immersed in a game or a concert, now that 55-inch televisions, virtual reality headsets and home theaters are commonplace. It’s a challenge that Fiserv Forum and their partner Johnson Controls took very seriously. As the Official “Smart Building” Partner of Fiserv Forum, Johnson Controls had the opportunity to work alongside the Milwaukee Bucks and their partners to create a state-of-the-art venue that has fans lining up to attend sporting events, concerts and more in an environment unlike any other.

“Our ownership group committed to building an arena that is the gold standard for a sports and entertainment facility while also driving additional development and community growth throughout the region. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish those goals without the partnership and support of Johnson Controls. Together with our partners we built an incredible arena and an incredible future for our home city,” said Peter Feigin, Milwaukee Bucks president.

Johnson Controls implemented a variety of building technology solutions throughout the facility to enhance the fan experience, improve the building’s performance, reduce energy usage and reduce the arena’s environmental foot print. Engaged at the earliest stage of the process as technology contractor, Johnson Controls worked closely with the Bucks, Mortenson Construction, ICON Venue Group, and numerous industry-leading subcontractors to furnish, install and integrate state-of-the-art smart building solutions throughout the new facility. The result is an experience that goes beyond immersive.

For example, cameras positioned throughout the space stream video to the video production studio where it can be pushed out in real-time to the major networks or displayed with cutting-edge clarity throughout the venue and on the new center-hung, full HD scoreboard—one of the top scoreboards in size in the NBA. The scoreboard and ribbon board ride on the converged enterprise-grade network, along with speakers surrounding the scoreboard, suspended from the rafters inside the seating bowl, ensuring seamless content management and delivery.

"Together, the Bucks and Johnson Controls built a smart, sustainable and efficient world-class arena while joining together in a commitment to develop a healthier and more vibrant Milwaukee community for future generations." -- Peter Feigin, Milwaukee Bucks president

Cisco Vision gives operators at Fiserv Forum the ability to customize the color scheme, content and branding of information that is displayed on 840+ hi-definition IPTVs throughout Fiserv Forum. The displays deliver live feeds, analytics, promotions, advertisements, entertainment and communications—extending the experience for fans and creating revenue-generating opportunities for event sponsors.

Johnson Controls’ building, business and vertical market systems are managed on a unified, intelligent infrastructure, including HVAC, building automation, security, lighting, fire protection and information technology. By simplifying and optimizing how the building functions, Johnson Controls enables more control for the Bucks to operate the arena, while at the same time delivering a superior fan experience.

These innovative and integrated technologies provide a combination of safety, security, sustainability, and connectedness that maximizes both the fan experience and building performance for Fiserv Forum, creating a singular entertainment experience.

Johnson Controls is also partnering with the team and the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation on additional initiatives aimed at building a safer, healthier and more vibrant community for Milwaukee residents, not just in and around the new arena, but throughout the city.

"Together, the Bucks and Johnson Controls built a smart, sustainable and efficient world-class arena while joining together in a commitment to develop a healthier and more vibrant Milwaukee community for future generations," said Feigin.

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