Correctional facilities get safer, smarter through innovative solutions

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Phillip Lowery  

  By Phillip Lowery
  Director, State Government, Johnson Controls

In addition to reducing recidivism, correctional leaders must focus on two important priorities: keeping inmates in, while also keeping occupants safe. Integrating technologies within a correctional facility, such as security, lighting, plumbing, and heating and cooling equipment, is critical to meet both priorities – and can help provide a smarter, safer, more sustainable environment. However, correctional facilities can find it difficult to secure funding without putting a burden on taxpayers.

Indoor lighting, cell phone interdiction and drones are three examples of emerging technologies that correctional leaders are adopting to improve security and operations. Integrating indestructible, detention-grade lighting helps ensure the continued safety and security of inmates, correctional officers and visitors, where solutions such as cell phone interdiction can help to mitigate the illegal use of cell phones while still complying with set standards. Additionally, drone technology can be used for perimeter protection to identify suspicious drones flying into a correctional facility’s airspace.

We’re uniquely positioned to deliver safer, smarter and more efficient facilities for our state government customers.

While many correctional facilities are interested in implementing these evolving technologies and solutions, funding them is often a challenge. Many leaders are turning to innovative funding mechanisms, such as performance contracting, to help solve this issue. Under a performance contract, correctional facilities can make the necessary upgrades to their facilities without financial risk or the need for capital.

Johnson Controls recently attended another ACA (American Correctional Association) Winter Conference, and we were delighted to catch up with customers and meet new people. With our extensive portfolio of building solutions – grown more impressive with the addition of brands such as Tyco and Simplex and the innovative products at our Global Center of Excellence (GCoE) facilities – we’re uniquely positioned to deliver safer, smarter and more efficient facilities for our state government customers.

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