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Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) was recently enabled for Outlook Webmail.  Within the coming weeks, MFA will also be required when accessing SharePoint and VPN from a non-company PC or mobile device that has not been enrolled in Intune. 

Get started with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Download the Mobile Authenticator App

 The authenticator app should have been pushed to your Intune managed device already. If you are using a personal device, or if your Intune managed device did not get the app pushed to it you can go to your app store and download it by searching for "Microsoft Authenticator App" or follow these links below. 

 Full instructions to enable MFA on your account can be found here.

When will you be prompted for MFA:

Once MFA has started to deploy globally, you may receive a prompt to verify your identity when you access Outlook, Webmail, SharePoint, VPN and Skype for Business.  After MFA deployment is complete, you will only be prompted to verify your identity from non JCI devices.   

Several Microsoft apps are built with Outlook Webmail and SharePoint Online as foundation. Therefore they will prompt for Multi Factor Authentication.

Outlook Web access based applications:

Sharepoint Online based applications:

Important to know

If you do not wish to use your mobile device for MFA, there is an option to receive a phone call to confirm your access instead.

Localised instructions: