Active Directory integration, video enhancements in Kantech EntraPass v6.05 from Tyco Security Products

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With the LDAP option, EntraPass operators have one-click, single sign on capability


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WESTFORD, MA. February 1, 2016 –– Tyco Security Products has announced the release of version 6.05 of Kantech’s EntraPass security management system that features Microsoft Active Directory (AD) integration to simplify the management of EntraPass operator profiles, and enhancements to the mobile and Web interfaces for remote video viewing and playback.

EntraPass v6.05 uses the LDAP protocol to import and synchronize Active Directory users with EntraPass operators, thus eliminating the need for manual creation & synchronization of operators in the EntraPass database. This upgrade also enables single sign on, where EntraPass operators are automatically authenticated and logged into EntraPass via their Windows credentials with one simple click. Compatible with Windows 10 Enterprise, EntraPass v6.05 also enables backups by the mirror database, freeing the primary server from this function and improving its performance.

“With each new version of EntraPass, this software platform and its related Web client and intuitive mobile app bring a heightened level of functionality to security managers so everyday tasks become easier to perform and critical situations can garner their fullest attention,” said Rajeev Dubey senior product manager, Tyco Security Products.

New pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functionality in the improved web client of EntraPass v6.05 gives users the capability to perform joystick controls on the screen. Cameras with dome control features can be operated with a virtual joystick that provides pan, tilt and zoom in/zoom out features as well as a preset control option. Video playback functionality means users can view specific event-related video by accessing color-coded blue video motion detection or red alarm detection boxes on each camera’s playback timeline.

The similar PTZ capability that was added for the Web is also available as a tap-and-control feature with the latest version of the EntraPass Go mobile app. Other upgrades under EntraPass Go 2.1 include compatibility with Android 6.0; a new home page for Android that features icons for doors, users and reports along with the opportunity to perform quick actions such as locking and unlocking doors and arming and disarming partitions; and access to a door unlock schedule for Android and iOS users through the app interface. Both Android and iOS users are also able to perform video playback for predetermined and custom time limits as well as for specific events using the app’s playback icon.

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