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Experience Matters

At the heart of every data center is a team. Partnering with us, you get access to experienced local resources that have delivered successful solutions for data centers worldwide. Learn more about our data center and product-specific experience in the case studies below. Ready to get started? Contact us for more information.

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Security: Required

Thermal imaging, facial recognition, intrusion detection, access control, barriers and other systems improve physical security and data security.

This ISP data center updated the intrusion, access control and video security to the strictest modern requirements. Learn more about centralized access control and physical security for an Amsterdam data center.

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fire protection
Fire protection: Right-sized

Sprinkler or water mist systems often make sense for cloud-based centers, while more advanced suppression technologies are a consideration for colocation and enterprise-level centers. In both cases, advanced detection is integrated with centralized control for improved risk mitigation. 

See how a South African financial services company implemented it.

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Enterprise Management Systems: Uptime Always

Mission critical success requires fail-safe operations that are always online. That’s why we provide robust, integrated solutions with built-in redundancies and innovations with fault detection and predictive maintenance.

Match Enterprise Management with our Smart Connected Chiller solution for the winning combination that won’t let any issues arise that you don’t know about or have a plan to address. Explore how the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services Benefited.

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building management
Building management: Simple

With integration and connected controls, installation is simpler, complexity and risk are reduced, and efficiency is increased.

Read more about connected controls and how we improve Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) outcomes in a colocation data center.

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Sustainability: Realized

True sustainability means the lowest total emissions – from beginning to end. Designing for the highest possible efficiency in every parameter results in better Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), improved Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE), fewer capacity excesses, and cooling that’s properly optimized for the IT load.

Get Inspired:  Read the Bloomberg report about building a low-carbon future through greater energy efficiency.

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cooling solutions
Cooling solutions: Optimized

As the leader in innovative air-cooled and water-cooled solutions, we’ve developed systems that use airside economizer units to bring in cool, outside air combined with the highest efficiency mechanical components for energy transfer when free-cooling is not an option. The result? Lower costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

Learn how our solutions helped save energy for a higher education data center in Stuttgart.

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Hybrid solutions: Save water, save energy

Dedicated to optimizing energy and water cost savings, our BlueStream hybrid cooling solution received a 2018 Federal Energy and Water Management Award because of the work implemented at this federal facility in 2017.

Watch our video to learn how National Renewal Energy Laboratory cut their water usage by 1.16 million gallons

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