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Connected Venue Strategy

Sports & Entertainment

No matter the sport, connecting with the event means happy, safe and comfortable fans. Johnson Controls helps stadium operators connect technology to boost fan experience and increase the bottom line.
Solutions to Cheer About

Today’s sports fans are connected. With the teams, other fans and even the stadium. The need to create a social fan experience during the game, as well as beyond the field of play, has never been greater.

Constructing a smart stadium and entertainment district? Retrofitting an historic facility? A connected venue strategy provides a winning combination for creating  an entertainment and sports venue that is operationally smarter, safer and more sustainable for enhanced fan experience.

The Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village will be a premier destination sports and entertainment district, a “smart city” driven by advanced data and analytics, connectivity and efficiency through infrastructure integration. It’s home to Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, a venue recently profiled as one of “13 Game-Changing NFL Stadiums” by Forbes.

As the Official “Smart Building” Partner of Fiserv Forum, Johnson Controls had the opportunity to work alongside the Milwaukee Bucks and their partners to create a state-of-the-art venue that has fans lining up to attend sporting events, concerts and more in an environment unlike any other.
Official “Smart Building” Partner of Fiserv Forum

The bar has been set very high. Fans no longer need to leave the house to become fully immersed in a game or a concert, now that 55-inch televisions, virtual reality headsets and home theaters are commonplace. It’s a challenge that Fiserv Forum and their partner Johnson Controls took very seriously.

As the Official “Smart Building” Partner of Fiserv Forum, Johnson Controls had the opportunity to work alongside the Milwaukee Bucks and their partners to create a state-of-the-art venue that has fans lining up to attend sporting events, concerts and more in an environment unlike any other.

"Together, the Bucks and Johnson Controls built a smart, sustainable and efficient world-class arena while joining together in a commitment to develop a healthier and more vibrant Milwaukee community for future generations," said Peter Feigin, Milwaukee Bucks president.

Innovations that drive engagement and revenue

Innovative integrated technologies for stadiums are endless, all focused on creating the ultimate fan experience and generating positive financial results. Johnson Controls links consumer technologies, such as web services, POS systems, digital signage and concessions. Operational components such as high-density Wi-Fi, integrated lighting control, and voice and data. Life safety functions, such as access control, fire/security alarms and digital voice evacuation. All with an eye toward ensuring the evolving demands and expectations of a technology savvy fan are met.

Our Metasys building automation system is the nerve center that integrates the technology. It tells HVAC systems to monitor comfort and lighting levels, connects security and life safety, and manages systems that maximize energy and water efficiency. Facility personnel use real-time data to monitor information – such as fan traffic – to make immediate or long-term decisions.

This coordinated effort helps minimize risk and create a smarter, more engaging stadium environment that will make fans – and owners – cheer out loud.

Read how Johnson Controls is helping sports and entertainment venues like the Milwaukee Bucks arena be smarter, safer, more sustainable and connected for the long haul*.

*Content originally appeared in Athletic Business and is property of AB Media. 

Stadium Solutions
Stadium Solutions
Building-wide System Integration

There’s a better way to construct a smarter, more optimized and efficient stadium: involve Johnson Controls from the concept through design phases.

By inviting us to help make informed, data-driven decisions early in the process, we’re better able to deliver energy, technology and operational objectives. Our proven, early-engagement design assist services provide a structured, interactive process that helps get projects off the ground.

First things first. We quickly assess and prioritize technology and investments, creating a direct path for tackling the most important needs of the organization with the most impact.

Integrated systems provide better interoperability, so stadiums run more efficiently – and investments grow in value. Technology Contracting™ is our integrated project delivery process. We act as the single point of responsibility for managing the design, delivery, commissioning and ongoing service of all converged technology.

Just relax. This approach reduces risk, minimizes change orders, and meets your budget and deadlines. And as a technology-independent integrator, we work with a market-leading group of innovative partners to create the connected environment that meets venue objectives.
Smart stadiums are designed to integrate technology, reduce operating costs and risk, and keep fans coming back.

Case Studies

Sacramento, California
Advanced building technology for one of the smartest sports arenas in the world
When event guests stream into the new Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California, they’ll interact with the nerve center of this smart facility, setting into motion a series of coordinated actions specifically designed to optimize their comfort, safety and entertainment experience.
Keeping Fans Comfortable
From design through construction, commissioning and ongoing daily operations, Johnson Controls is working with the Milwaukee Brewers to deliver the best experience possible for fans, while maximizing the performance and efficiency of the stadium. Keeping the space beneath the convertible roof warm and comfortable for fans is essential to the team, with an aim of boosting attendance, especially during the cooler months of April, May and September.
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