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State Government

People expect state and provincial government to provide them with quality services, while keeping taxes down. When the government is the biggest landlord – from outstate park buildings to complex urban centers – it means addressing multiple challenges. We can partner with you to effectively upgrade and manage your facilities, optimize and service equipment, and network systems.
State Government
Invest in Progress

From the sunny south to the cloudy northwest and every location in between, Johnson Controls helps state and provincial governments run better.

We provide systems, equipment and know-how to create and maintain quality, healthy, sustainable buildings and infrastructure.  Our experts also help determine how to comply with regulations concerning energy, the environment and greenhouse gas reduction.

Investing in progress is simple and efficient – and it’s the best way to address fiscal, social, and environmental goals. Not to mention enhancing the economy and citizens’ quality of life.

By increasing the use of renewable energy, improving water and energy efficiency technology, governments can lower energy and operating costs, reducing the cost of government while also demonstrating a commitment to the environment.
Proven Funding Mechanisms

Governments throughout North America are improving their communities with Johnson Controls’ efficient equipment, advanced systems and controls, unparalleled service and partnership expertise.

It’s not just what we do. It’s how we do it. We provide a return on infrastructure investment through various funding sources, including:

  • Performance Contracting – A funding mechanism that allows governments to lower energy and operating costs, without a capital expense. Johnson Controls guarantees the estimated savings.
  • Public/Private Partnership (P3) – An innovative approach to construction and building management that transfers the risk of design, construction, finance and operations to a private developer, in exchange for guaranteed fixed payment terms. Johnson Controls then ensures the building operates at optimum levels throughout the P3 term.
Whether updating aging equipment and facilities or constructing new government centers, you can make your state operations sustainable and efficient.
State Government
Investing in infrastructure promotes economic growth by attracting more businesses and more jobs, sends a positive message to public employees, and shows voters that tax dollars are used wisely.

Case Studies

The Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) operates 25 facilities across the Hoosier state and is nationally recognized for its innovative programs and commitment to inmate training. In 2011, the American Correctional Association awarded IDOC its Golden Eagle Award, recognizing “the highest commitment to excellence in correctional operations and the dedication of these agencies to enhancing public safety and the well-being of incarcerated individuals.”
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