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Global Routing Guide

Global Routing Guide

General Instructions – North America

  • For any shipment weighing under 150 lbs, ship with the preferred parcel carrier using the appropriate account number.       
  • If you do not know the account number; please contact the appropriate Business Unit directly. See Logistics Contacts link above if needed.
  • For any shipment weighing over 150 lbs, please refer to the appropriate Routing Guide

Bill of Lading Instructions and Requirements

  • All Bills of Lading / Air Waybills must include the following items:
  • Purchase order number
  • Part number
  • Proper description of parts
  • Number of skids
  • Weight and dimensions of each skid
  • Full address of origin and destination

Freight Billing Instructions - North America

  • Unless otherwise instructed by Johnson Controls Logistics or Purchasing contact, shipments will move on a 'Freight Collect' or 'Third Party Collect' basis.
  • For all shipments, the BILL-TO field of every Bill of Lading / Air Waybill must read:
      (Insert Business Unit Name) / Johnson Controls
      c/o Trans International
      N93 W16288 Megal Dr
      Menomonee Falls WI 53051