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Supplier Efficiency Program

Supplier Efficiency Program

Johnson Controls has introduced the Supplier Efficiency Program to help suppliers reduce energy use and improve sustainability in their operations. Through this voluntary program, Johnson Controls energy experts visit the plants of interested suppliers and conduct one-day workshops designed to share best practices with suppliers on identifying and implementing low-cost/no-cost energy efficiency improvement measures. 

What is the Supplier Efficiency Program?

The Supplier Efficiency Program builds on our experience in energy efficiency, including implementing a similar initiative, the Energy Hunt Program, in our own facilities. We’ve tailored our Energy Hunt Program to be designed to meet the needs of facilities like yours as an efficient and effective way to find low-cost or no-cost energy savings measures.


How does the Supplier Efficiency Program work?

Once you express interest in the program, we will gather some basic information on your facility and energy use. We will then schedule a one-day workshop with your team on-site at one of your facilities. During the workshop, one of our Energy Champions will meet with your team to discuss energy-saving approaches in key areas such as lighting, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), compressed air, employee engagement and energy cost management. The Energy Champion will then conduct a walk-through of your facility with your team to look for opportunities. Finally we will work with your team to summarize the findings of the Energy Hunt and identify the top energy-saving opportunities.


What are the benefits of the program?

Historically participants in Energy Hunt programs like this find energy savings measures that deliver a 5-10% savings on their energy bill within 1-2 years. In addition to delivering energy and financial savings, this program is a great opportunity for one of our resident Energy Champions to get to know your team and share knowledge and best practices.


What is expected of my company and facility if I choose to participate in the Program?

We ask that you share some basic information about your facility and energy use. We also ask that you identify at least 3 people to participate in a one-day workshop at your facility. Finally, we ask that participating companies commit to implementing at least two low-cost or no-cost projects identified during the workshop and follow up with us to let us know once they are implemented.


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If you are interested to learn more about this program and sign up, please contact Elizabeth Tate Elizabeth.Tate@jci.com.