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Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Humidity Transmitter Metastat Wall Mount

TRUERH™ Series HE-6700

The HE-67xx Series is the second generation of humidity transmitter with temperature sensors for sensing space humidity and temperature. The improved response time from this temperature sensor results in a 70% faster response time, leading to:

The temperature sensing element selection allows the user to tailor unit operation to specific application requirements. The easy-to-install HE-67xx comes factory calibrated; it can recover quickly from saturation or loss of power. These features reduce both of the amount of time needed to install and commission the unit and of the maintenance cost. Each unit contains a 1000 ohm nickel or platinum temperature sensor. An optional warmer/cooler or graduated scale temperature setpoint adjusts up to heat or down to cool.

A manual override PB allows the occupant to control local temperature. By activating this feature, the end user can signal the controller that the space is occupied after hours or on weekends.

Another new feature is the Dual Inline Package (DIP) switch, which programs the HE-67xx to either:

The HE-67xx features a quick-mount design that saves time and simplifies installation. A mounting base and screws come with the unit so it can be mounted directly to drywall (spring clips provided) or a U.S. wallbox. All wiring connects to terminal blocks.


Features and Benefits
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Traceable Calibration meets NIST standards for calibration testing, verifying, and auditing
  • Time Response Improvement improves local temperature control, increases employee comfort, and reduces energy consumption
  • Controller Configuration Switch allows user to adjust room comfort and to choose occupancy features that match the application and controller
  • Occupancy Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Indicator displays controller’s current operating mode
  • Setpoint Adjustment (Optional) allows local control of temperature
  • Manual Override Pushbutton (PB) signals the controller that the space is occupied in order to override time-of-day setback
  • Globally Scaled Unit includes setpoint and bulb indicator (both optional) with Fahrenheit and Celsius ranges, 65 to 85°F (19 to 29°C)
  • Universal Mounting ships with U.S. wallbox and surface mounting base (all installation hardware included)
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