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Our HVAC Control Valves and Actuators are critical components in an end-to-end system, and their efficiency is an important factor in overall system efficiency. Choose from thousands of valve and actuator combinations that are built to deliver efficient, dependable, long-lasting and leak-proof performance. Our consistent designs and convenient built-in operating features provide outstanding control – without the need for field add-ons.
We’ve rotated the HVAC industry 270°
The new, patented Johnson Controls 270° six-way valve and actuator signals a new direction for chilled beam and fan-coil applications. It minimizes the number of valves and actuators required, which provides more control, greater accuracy, more efficient energy use, and – ultimately – improved occupant comfort. Watch the video to see how it works.
Choose an actuator that combines versatility and simplicity
The M9300 Series Electric Non-Spring Return Actuator easily converts between damper and valve applications. That simplifies installation because one actuator covers a wider range of applications. Plus, it features a universal input with automatic signal detection that handles all input signals – on/off, floating and proportional.
Pairing a ball valve and an actuator has never been easier
The Johnson Controls VG1000 Series is the most complete ball valve product line in the HVAC industry. VG1000 Series Ball Valves have superior wear resistance, low operating torque, and double protection against stem leaks. And now it’s as simple as 1-2-3 to match it to the perfect Johnson Controls actuator, using the convenient VG1000 In-store Selection Chart.
Ensure a stable flow for comfort and efficiency
System efficiency starts with the control valve. Getting the correct flow under varying load conditions means a more comfortable environment and a more efficient system. The VP140 Series of Pressure  Independent Control Valves (PICVs) from Johnson Controls deliver the correct flow regardless of pressure fluctuations that are inherent in any dynamic system. Sizing is simplified by selecting based on GPM requirements, not Cv calculations.  Labor intensive balancing is eliminated.  Coils are no longer under, or overserved, increasing efficiency.
Install your universal ball valve linkage properly
The M9000-700 Universal Ball Valve Linkage Kit makes it easy for you to retrofit actuators in any application, no matter the brand of ball valve. Assembly is easy with no special tools required. This new linkage kit is designed specifically for field mounting Johnson Controls VA(M)9203 and VA(M)9208 Series Spring Return and VA(M)9104 and VA(M)9310 Series Non-Spring Return Actuators to ball valves from various manufacturers in sizes from 1/2 inch to 2 inches.

We have valves and actuators for any HVAC application

Johnson Controls offers an outstanding assortment of valves and actuators for passive and active chilled beams, fan coils and radiant panels. Our products are ideal for any commercial HVAC application. Watch the webinar to learn more about our HVAC capabilities

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