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Limited-time savings make upgrading to Metasys® 8.1 easy

If you’re not at Metasys 8.1, you’re missing out on key benefits.

Let our pros help you realize maximum savings – before time runs out.

Exclusive offers help you get the most out of your system

Our records show you’re using an older Metasys release—and missing out on:

  • New photo-realistic graphics for cleaner visualization, right from your mobile device
    • Built in graphics manager – no separate tools to create or edit graphics
  • BACnet® Protocol Revision 12 support on ODS for easier integrations with other systems
  • Security enhancements through IT best practices – including password management and secure, encrypted communications – to help prevent unauthorized access
  • New secure, hardened engine for military-grade security at the supervisory level

Watch this sneak preview of our Metasys 8.1 demo

Creating graphics in the Metasys user interface

Available Discounts to Make Upgrading Easy

Server Promotion

Benefit from the latest Metasys Application Data Server (ADS) and supervisory controls technology with discounted ADS pricing – up to 50% off! Plus, our team installs new Metasys 8.1 server software and hardware and the new user interface, upgrades your entire site and ensures you stay current with a Metasys software subscription.

Offer ends 5-31-17

Discounts On Upgrades, Migrations & Subscriptions

Always keep your system at the latest, greatest Metasys release with 25% off upgrade/migration software, 40% off software subscriptions, and discounts on any required engine replacements.
With a Metasys software subscription, you automatically receive every major and minor software release that occurs over the term of the subscription. Buy now and lock down future Metasys releases and enhancements.

Service Agreement & Equipment Rebates

Enroll in a new planned service agreement for a Metasys installation or upgrade and get a rebate. Save even more with optional subscriptions for server or engine software.

Offer ends 5-31-17

Discount amount and availability is dependent on current Metasys version and installation type. Certain restrictions may apply.

Let our team help you determine which promo brings you the greatest benefits. Contact us today.
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