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Metasys® Launcher - A simple way to stay up-to-date

The Launcher provides you with a convenient way to access any release of the Site Management Portal (SMP) and System Configuration Tool (SCT) user interfaces. It also provides a simple method of creating bookmarks for any of your website links.

If your site or engines have been upgraded to Metasys® Release 6.x, Launcher also removes a previous dependency on the public Java Runtime Engine (JRE).

Current Release 1.6 Downloads

Downloads for Beta Release 1.7

• For Windows – Launcher.msi 
• For Mac – Launcher.dmg
Metasys 9.0.7 Resources Files (Metasys.zip)
1.7 Launcher Help
1.7 Launcher Install Instructions
Supporting instructions for Metasys 9.0.7 patch release