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270° Six-Way Control Valve and Actuator

We’ve Just Rotated the HVAC Industry 270°

A new direction in efficiency and comfort
Our new, patented 270° six-way valve and actuator line provides superior control in chilled beam and fan-coil installations. The 270° six-way valve and actuator minimizes the number of valves and actuators in an installation – replacing up to four valves and four actuators – while reducing operating costs.
One valve. One actuator. More control.

With three times the operating range of other comparable solutions available in the market, you can take advantage of these exclusive benefits:

  • Superior flow control in terminal equipment for improved energy efficiency
  • Unmatched flow rate over a wider operating range
  • Greater application flexibility thanks to interchangeable disks
  • Actuator with two analog inputs means more precise control
  • Simplified installation and lower lifecycle costs
  • Replaces up to 4 valves and 4 actuators
  • Allows you to use the same valve and actuator for heating and cooling
270° six-way valve and actuator line
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